One of the major ways we can help make lives better for Central Iowans with mental illness is through legislation. There are many issues surrounding mental illness:

  • Funding and research
  • Access to treatment and help
  • Equality
  • And more

Helping your voice be heard.

You have the power to make change for yourself or for those you care about who have mental illness. First, you need to determine at what level of government your issue falls: city, county, state or federal. If your issue pertains to our state laws, follow the Understanding the Legislative Process guide for how to best advocate and talk to your legislator. If it’s a county issue, please refer to the County Organizational Flow Chart.

NAMI CI maintains an active presence in our local government on priority mental health issues, advocating for our county and local laws in Central Iowa. With our efforts we ensure people’s needs are being heard and met.