Welcome to the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Central Iowa (NAMI CI)!

Here at NAMI CI, my staff, volunteers and I have a passion for helping individuals living with a mental illness and their families receive education, support and advocacy skills. We strive to provide a safe and knowledgeable atmosphere for the communities we serve.

One way we have managed to do this is through NAMI CI classes and support groups — facilitated by trained peers or family members who have a personal experience with mental health issues. I’m proud and thankful for those volunteers who provide their time to help others to find coping skills and support.

Wellness centers play key roles in communities. The Ames Wellness Center hosts a number of activities in the community. And with financial and volunteer help, I hope we can provide more wellness centers across the Central Iowa community to further expand our support to those who need it.

While we work to expand our wellness centers, we also will continue to advocate for a future where mental health is stigma-free.

As the president of NAMI CI, I hope we’re able to touch the lives of anyone who suffers mental illness or knows someone suffering. It’s tough to reach out many times, but I’ve met so many people who have and who have been grateful for doing so.

I sincerely hope that you have the courage to reach out and ask for help for yourself or a family member. There’s a community here for you, and we’re here to help you however you need it.

Lisa Heddens
Executive Director