The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Central Iowa was founded with a simple goal: to inspire better lives for Central Iowans affected by mental illness. We are hard at work to achieve this goal through support programs, educational outreach, and advocacy on local, state and national levels.

Support. Educate. Advocate.

We support people with mental illnesses, their families and their friends.

NAMI CI support programs provide individuals and those by their sides the tools and resources to cope with mental illness. Through meetings, support groups, courses and referrals, we are available to help Central Iowans, whatever their situation or need.

We educate communities about mental health issues.

A stigma surrounds mental illnesses, and we have set out to replace what people perceive about mental illness with the facts and real unique experiences of those who live and cope with mental illness. And we’re doing this through educational programs. From informative public meetings to displays and communication pieces, to partnership with local leaders, NAMI CI educates members of communities about mental health issues so they can better understand, empathize and support those with mental illnesses.

We advocate to improve the conditions for and on behalf of those affected by mental illness.

Every individual has a unique story to share, to inspire, to elicit change. But often individual stories aren’t heard. As advocates for those affected by mental illness, NAMI CI takes these stories and issues and ensures they are heard — and heard by people who can help make change.

We work with NAMI Iowa and NAMI to bring mental health issues to the attention of local, state and national governments. We support legislation that benefits the lives of people with mental illness and spread awareness of that legislation to the larger community. We deliver insights and techniques to families and mental health service providers to ensure the best methods are known and in practice.

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